I just realized that today was supposed to be my suicide date

I’m just going to go ahead and take a second to reflect on how far I’ve come, and how much healing I’ve done over the last year. It’s crazy. Not only am I here and alive today, I’m thriving today. And that’s a beautiful thing. 

Anonymous asked: Can I anon spam you?

If it’s with nice things, or fun questions, or if you need advice. Go nuts :)

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Anonymous asked: when do you move into residence?

Day after tomorrow. 

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Anonymous asked: so are you just giving up progress friday? i know you're super busy, but a little update once a week is hardly a huge commitment. Even if it was "not a good week", a little blurb about your week to week goals would be nice, because thats why i initially started to follow you :/

Things have been a little hectic for me recently with all of the appointments I’ve had, and running around getting ready for school, but I’ll settle in and establish a routine once I’m all moved in. My Fridays are actually wide open for me starting this week, so I plan on getting organized with my health and fitness stuff. Progress Friday included. 

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