I’ve been pretty MIA … and I’m going to continue to be

 I stayed over at the boyfriend’s on Friday night, went to a baseball game on Saturday, had movie night with the boyfriend on Sunday, and today I had a driving lesson and had a shopping/coffee evening with Peter. 

Tomorrow, I’m headed up to the lake for a few days, so I’ll be going technology free. 

I love summer. 

Parenting logic is the best logic

Hey mom, I’m staying over at my boyfriend’s tonight."Have fun dear."

Hey mom, I looked into the overnight policies for residence. I’m looking forward to Peter staying with me in my apartment. "That’s great."

Hey mom, Peter is coming over later today. I think we’re just gonna hang out in my room and watch a movie or something. "That is completely unacceptable. He will not be going anywhere near your room." 

Alrighty then. Staying over at his place where we’re completely alone and free to do whatever? Totally fine. No problems with that. Him coming over here and entering my bedroom, which has no lock, while my entire family is home … totally not okay.